Centre for Drama in Education and Art CEDEUM was founded in 1999 as a non-governmental and non-profit association aiming at implementing and supporting projects and initiatives in the field of creative education , drama and art that have as its goal the development of our country and region as a free, open and democratic society, where human rights are respected in every segment. It consists of an efficient and well organized team of multitasking experts in drama, psychology and social studies, and a large body of volunteers interested in helping in the implementation of our programs and thus achieving new skills and practices.

During the last years we have grown into a platform and network involving thousands of young people who have passed out programs and projects, including their teachers and mentors, empowering them into becoming strong bearers of change and tolerance. CEDEUM has been known to support drama educational and artistic activities in in local communities as models of good practices of mutual engagement and mobilizing all the stakeholders into the implementation, follow public needs in the programs of public interest in the fields of education, culture and social care, promotion of human and minority rights and sustainable development.

Our goal is to create ties with other associations of theatre artists and other experts with the purpose of exchanging experiences and immediate collaborative work and practice, and we have been deeply involved with education of theatre artists and other experts for the application of drama in their immediate professional engagement, and particularly with children and young people. We have been involved in public advocacy for systematic upgrading of the role and position of innovative, creative and participatory activities and methods of work in the fields of education, culture and other social areas.

NGO Centre for Drama in Education and Art CEDEUM was founded on October 29th 1999, but its founders have been continually working as promoters of innovative, creative and participatory approaches in the field of drama/theatre and education for more than thirty years. CEDEUM sprung up from a drama program which was implemented and developed in the Cultural Centre Stari Grad in Belgrade.

CEDEUM is an association which gathers theatre artists, drama pedagogues, teachers, as well as cultural workers, psychologists, social workers and other artists and experts with an interest in the collaborative work and exchange of experiences on national, regional and international levels. CEDEUM has a widespread network of associates, both from Belgrade and the whole country.

On the regional level, we have been involved in projects that involve the work on Roma inclusion and education. On the International level, CEDEUM is a member and National Centre of IDEA International Drama/Theatre and Education Association, and the president of CEDEUM , Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic has been the elected The President of the General Council of the organization in 2103, and is currently the president of the AC, and one of the Coordination Committee members of the IDEA Europe regional network.

CEDEUM is an association which gathers theatre and other artists, pedagogues, psychologists, teachers, social workers, experts on new media and others with an interest in promoting drama in education and arts.

CEDEUM has a widespread network of associates, both from Belgrade and the whole country.

CEDEUM is member and national center of the International association for drama/theatre and education IDEA.

CEDEUM has intensive collaboration and exchange of experience on regional and international level through common projects with organizations in the field of artistic and creative education, especially drama/theater in education, intercultural dialogue and communication, education for peace and development, human and children's rights etc. CEDEUM is particularly engaged in education of educators and training of the artists.

Executive Board

Anđelija Jočić, Predsednica/President
Jelena Stoiljković
Nikola Koruga
Maša Seničić
Ana Popović


Sanja Krsmanović Tasić


Jovana Mihić


Ljubica Beljanski-Ristić
Mila Beštić
Slobodan Beštić
Boris Cakširan
Gordana Dedić
Ivana Despotovic
Danijela Gvozdenović
Jadran Krnajski
Gordana Lebović
Dragan Marković
Branka Srećković
Vedran Vučić