CEDEUM Projects 1999-2020

-"Art for Social Change-Play Against Violence", in collaboration with theatre groups DAH, SWAN,Mimart, Erg Status 1999-2004.

Funded by the ECF

- “Drama Primer – from drama play to school theatre” and “From teaching method to school forum theatre - drama improves key competencies in education”: vocational trainings of professionals in education (teachers, psychologist, pedagogues) accredited by Institute for upgrading education/Centre for professional development of educators and Ministry of Education (since 2000),

- “Please, enter freely... it’s open!”: drama and performing arts activities with children and young people with special needs, networking and training program for teachers in the frame of the process of inclusion of the children and young people with special needs in educational system (since 2000),

-“Theatre for ethnic dialogue”: regional projects carried out with local NGOs in different multi-ethnic towns, focused on the work with young people through drama workshops and interactive performances, supported by different international organisations and EU funds (since 2003).

- “The school forum theatre for the school without violence”: teachers training in the frame of the national School without Violence project organised and supported by UNICEF Serbia and Ministry of Education (since 2005),

- “New creative choices”: national project in the frame of international pilot project “Educational theatre and drama as a tool to facilitate Roma inclusion” organised and supported by Open Society Foundations/Arts and Culture Program, Budapest, and Ministry of Culture ( 2011/13).

-"Contemporary Storytelling Theatre for Children and Youth-Tradition of Storyteller in the Roma Tradition" Ministry of Culture 2012.

-"From School Methodology to School Forum Theatre"-licensed program for the training of teachers, by the Institue for the Promotion and Development of Education, 2011-2014.

"Togetherness" from 2016-ongoing

"Migrant Birds" in collaboration with the Teachers Platform, stories of migration in reality and literature 2016-ongoing


“Europe in Perspective” -associate partner, 2018/19.

"CEDEUM 20" -program of workshops and events celebrating 20 years of the organization.

Mater Terra Festival (since 2014)

Bitef Polyphony (since 2000)