VII Mater Terra Festival (One look and reflection on the ecology of the soul)

This year, the "Mater Terra" Festival was held in the circumstances imposed by the Corona virus pandemic and epidemiological protection measures. It was not possible to hold the Festival live. Everything went online. Those who had recorded performances participated.

It should not be forgotten that this Festival does not have a selection, but acts as a place of exchange and presentation of group work, conversations with participants and opinions of members of the expert team in the form of a written text. The groups apply based on their own assessment and belief that (as stated in the festival program) "... drama process and the theater itself can positively affect personal development, as well as the development of society and the world in which we live."

Based on their own assessment and lucky circumstances, three recorded plays participated in the festival program: "Giraffe" of the Youth Theater "Patos" from Smederevo, "Kulturociklin 2m" by the group Kulturociklin from Krusevac and "Six Portraits of Pavle Beljanski", Youth Theater Mišolovka From Novi Sad. Otherwise, the number of participants is higher every year.

It is known that when there is no group, there is no festival. Therefore, we can conclude with special pleasure and emphasize the merits to all three groups that made the online presence the Festival not to be postponed, as was the case with many other festivals and events. The presence was realized. The virtual world came to life, got a soul. The Festival was held.

Another success is that the groups had the opportunity to be seen and followed much more widely because they opened online to all interested not only from Belgrade but also from other cities in Serbia. Moreover, there were followers and spectators from other countries of the world. Thus, the message and slogan of the Festival "In Your Room" came true in the full sense of the word. Congratulation, to the Festival for publicly published links and participants for forwarding them to their friends and families.


The full letter is available in Serbian language.