CEDEUM 20: Workshop led by STIG A. ERIKSSON, Norway

“White Bear King Valemon” was held on 14th of March 2019. at 6 pm at the Cultural Centre “Old City” in Belgrade. The three-hour workshop was attended by 23 participants.


This is a process drama oriented workshop based on the content of a Norwegian folk tale. The workshop is designed for drama teachers, teachers, and artists. Participants got the text beforehand in English, and they should read it before the workshop. The workshop structure is designed as a process drama approach to explore identity formation and rite of passage as the main themes. The structure is based on an episodic exploration of the content, rather than a linear development of the workshop content. As the starting point, I use the Norwegian fairy tale “White Bear King Valemon” as a pre-text, expecting that everyone has read the story beforehand so that we can concentrate on moments (episodes) rather than spending time on unrolling the whole story. Pre-text (or stimulus, “the way in”) is a term introduced by the British drama educator Cecily O’Neill, in her excellent book on process drama: Drama Worlds, Heinemann, 1995.).


The workshop was organized by Sanja Krsmanović-Tasićand coordinated by Nemanja Dragaš. Technical assistance by Jugoslav Hadžić.


CEDEUM 20: Lecture by Mark Charney and Cory Norman. USA “Perpetuating Theatrical Relevance Through Community Activism”

Cultural Centre Magacin-MKM, 21.June 2019.

We all know that the arts are consistently under attack, and with so much social media and competing entertainment, not only on television but also on our phones, tablets, and watches, how do educators and small theatres assure themselves an audience for live performance? Broadway even tapes performances to share online, while audiobooks are marketing plays read by the original casts. Tony Kushner recently remarked that an audiotape of Angels in America had great integrity, surprising even him. Mark Charney and Cory Norman will discuss methods by which educators and theatres can assure relevance and help to grow audiences, especially concentrating on ways to discern and address the needs of the community. Examining the benefits and strategies of site-specific and found seasons, along with a true assessment of best ways to plan seasons that have the ability to teach, transform, and excite audiences, Charney and Norman will encourage methods to keep theatre thriving in the years ahead.


The lecture was organized by Sanja Krsmanović-Tasićand coordinated by Nemanja Dragaš. Technical assistance by Jugoslav Hadžić.


CEDEUM 20: SCI ART Workshop by Nikola Koruge and Kristina Mlađenović

Sci art workshop was held on the 29.10.20219, on the very anniversary of CEDEUM i Cultural Centre “Old City”. After the workshop, a celebration cocktail was organized. The workshop was organized and coordinated by Nemanja Dragaš.